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Scuba Diving Philippines:



Scuba Diving Philippines offers some of the most stunning, tranquil scenery I ever seen. You will enjoy the many tones of blue and crystal clear waters of the Davao Gulf. With over 30 known spots to go scuba diving and countless unexplored areas in the Davao Gulf you will never get bored of scuba diving.

Scuba Diving Philippines in the Gulf of Davao:

The Davao Gulf is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular scuba diving areas because of its easy access from the US, Australia & Asian countries, the exceptional beauty of its reefs and the excellent underwater visibility, reaching up to 100 feet.

You can either allow yourself to be effortlessly carried along the reef or walls by the gentle current in the area or if you’re a technical diver and like the deep scuba diving we have canyons that are deeper than anyone would ever dare to visit. You can also visit some of the Japanese shipwrecks in the area; explore their hulls of the WWll era at scuba diving Philippines.

Discover a wonderful underwater world full of amazing treasures just waiting for you. Don’t miss out on the adventure of scuba diving Philippines on Samal Island .

I would like to personally thank you for visiting our website Scuba Diving Philippines and hope to see you one day in person. Like you I’m a scuba diver and love to dive or just be out on the water. After my experiences with other scuba dive shops in the city I decided it was time that the Island Garden City of Samal was put on the map by having our own full service scuba diving shop. After all, who wants to stay in the city on a vacation when they can be on the island with beautiful beaches and sunsets?

Scuba Diving Philippines promise to its customer:

You will get the best service the area has to offer.

We WILL provide you with clean filtered air for your scuba diving tank.

We have very high equipment standards for YOUR safety and any work that may have been done was done by a certified tech with ONLY new parts.

Your dive master will be excited to show you a great time and will NOT be hung over smelling like alcohol from the previous night’s party.

Providing the seas allow us, we will make every attempt to go where the scuba divers want to go. If you choose you may rent the boat for the day and dive any place you like, currents/weather permitting.

You will get the best scuba diving Philippines available in the area.

You will find that most all of the scuba diving shops in the city will only take you to the spots that are close to increase profits and to be honest, the back side of Samal has the best scuba diving around with the cleanest waters and that’s where I like to take my customers but it’s your choice on where you would like to dive. I have packages for either side of the island to suit your needs.

We WILL not leave you standing on the beach if you are staying at another resort if you have paid to go scuba diving or another activity providing you are there on time. If on accident we do forget you, sometimes things happen, not often; I will personally reimburse your funds or book you on the next trip. That is my personal guarantee to you, my customer.

I will be on all boat trips to insure you receive the upmost quality service you deserve.
We are not here to take advantage of our customers. Most of them have many years of scuba diving and only expect the best and that’s the type of service we give.

So on that note, we hope to see you with us in the near future. Please feel free to drop us a line if you like.


A wonderful video DOT just produced for your enjoyment:


Our Region: 

Scuba Diving Philippines has certified PADI Dive Masters


Scuba Diving Philippines
Scuba Diving Philippines


Scuba Diving Philippines Now Offers Sports Fishing

Yes you heard it right. Sports fishing in the Philippines just like we did in Mexico. Not too many places in the Philippines are offering sports fishing. In fact we are one of only about three places that offer such a sport. Due to the growing demand and market of fishermen we decided it was time to take people fishing as well as diving. So, if you’re not a diver but like to fish, we can accommodate you as well. Please see our webpage on sports fishing.

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